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A behind-the-scenes series of the short film "In the Middle of Nowhere" 

"In the Middle of Nowhere" produced this year by 2-Team Productions, Tzachi Cohen and Haven Originals, and directed by Oshri Cohen during one of the most challenging periods in the history of cinema.

Chapter 1: Location Tour

The first step in turning a stack of pages (script) into a filmed reality is to find the most suitable places for filming . A suitable location is a location that also looks right for the scene, helps convey the story DNA, but is also convenient for production - a combination that is not always possible.

Chapter 2: You try. You err. You amend


Film production is a very challenging procedure in general and in the days of Covid even more so. Delaying shooting days is the biggest fear of a film producer. But there is a greater fear - to compromise and start shooting knowing you’re not doing your best.

Large table, actors and soft drinks. That's all it takes to bring a story to life. Its Alive… Aliveeeee !!!
For the first time the director and creators can feel the tone, weaknesses and strengths of the script and even change and re-edit if needed. Because once you start shooting  - you can’t change anything anymore. It's now or never. The magic is starting to happen…

Chapter 3: Reading


Chapter 4: Rehearsals

Shooting days are a well-timed orchestra. Everything runs according to a predetermined plan. Therefore - the results of the shootings depend on the level of preparation in advance. Rehearsals are an opportunity for the actors to connect to the story, feel the characters and close in on the mise-en-scene ("the choreography of the actors' movement in the scene"). When the actors are ready - all that is left is to turn on the camera and take the shot! Now let's imagine rehearsals for a beating scene - in a social distance new world… Did we mention we’re doing cinema while Covid?

Chapter 5: Shooting days

The moment of truth has come. After long months of preparation and a year of writing. The red button on the camera is pressed. And in the midst of all the stress, difficulty and madness, one thing is important - to have fun. And to drink water. Still, a scene with 12 actors and 30 staff guys in an open field… mid-August ... in Israel.

Chapter 6: The Premiere

The premiere is the yield, after you have dug, planted and nurtured -  that moment arrives, the first time you hear the audience respond to the film.
‏A magical moment that will only happen once in every project.

Chapter 7: Epilogue

A movie is made. Especially now.



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